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[5.9] Up to now, the best record is 59 seconds.

Just tried it. A lovely but difficult game XD

so hard to grasp the timing to jump and adapt to the ... inertia?

Anyway let me try again...

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love the game!!

If you want... could you tell me how to create a timer like you have that works when you switch scenes its something i need for my game :)

want to see my game? its called 10 blocks 

im just looking for feedback :)

I make one GameSession gameobject a singleton. If there is already one GameSession exists, anytime(when new scenes are loaded) a new one is instantiated,  it will destroy itself. Put timer and other persistant data in the GameSession, then it will work. 

If I didn't explain clearly, feel free to ask me.

I will try your game :)

You may want to try DontDestroyOnLoad() 

Thank you that helped :)